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This is a complete resource to know detailed information about Ko Samui Island, also occasionally spelled as Koh Samui. You will find here comprehensive info covering each and every aspect of Island of Ko Samui, which will help you plan your vacations to the island in a better way and making your stay at a memorable one. In short it will act as your complete travel guide about Island of Ko Samui.

This online travel guide features details which will help you know about the history of Ko Samui Island as more practical information like its climate, best time to visit, hotels and resorts and much more. Knowing all about Ko Samui is a good thing because it is a beautiful place to visit in Thailand, a popular destination for holiday goers and travelers, away from all of the masses and the casinos and yet it has all the modern facilities and at the same time maintaining its natural charm.

Know more about this amazing place known as Ko Samui Island. Browse through this comprehensive travel guide to explore details about Koh Samui, and find great tips (such as not forgetting to do currency exchange before your vacation in this island).

Madagascar : a center for nautical tourism

Thursday, November 19, 2015
The one of the biggest islands on earth is reaching out the travelers for a deluge of activities oriented around nautical leisure.

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