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Hotels in Oslo Norway

Hotels in Oslo Norway. If you are looking for a great Hotel in Oslo Norway, we have come across Good Travel News.

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There are more fabulous luxury hotels with high quality hotels in the world. In Malaysia you have an outstanding amenities and special type of Luxury hotels at cheap rates. Some of the Kuala Lumpur Luxury Hotels are most popular Hotels in the Worldwide. If you are

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Transportation In Ko Samui Island


This article intends to present you an overview about the available facilities of transportation in Ko Samui. 


Ko Samui Island transportation facilities include airlines, railways, buses and ferries to reach the island. The airport at Ko Samui which is called as Ko Samui Airport is a privately managed airport which was originally constructed by Bangkok Airways. For a longer period of time, the Bangkok Airways was only airline which had its services at Ko Samui, connecting this island with the mainland Thailand. It also happens to be the main service provider of air transportation in Ko Samui Island. The other airlines which offer air transportation In Ko Samui is Thai Airways International.


Apart from airlines, the other Ko Samui Island transportation facilities include large number of ferry services. These are one of the main means of transportation In Ko Samui which is used by majority of people and tourists to reach the island from the mainland, including the car ferry from Don Sak to a pier in the west of the island, south of the main town Nathon.


There is public buses transportation in Ko Samui Island which have services to every major corner of the mainland Thailand. The ser bus services are operated from a very small bus station which is situated in the southern of Nathon. There is another very popular mode of transportation In Ko Samui which is known as Songthaews, which are kind of tuk-tuk style buses. These buses circle the ring road, and private taxis are available throughout the island although these are often criticized for failure to use meters and deliberate overcharging.


The railways transportation in Ko Samui Island is also considered toi be a good option to travel to the Ko Samui Island. You can board a train from the Bangkok railway station, named as Hua Lamphong. There is a facility to buy the combined rail-bus-ferry tickets and also you can select to travel in the 1st or 2nd class, seat or sleeper and Ac or fan.


Thus, we see that there are so many Ko Samui Island transportation options available to explore this beautiful tourist destination.  


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