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Hotels in Oslo Norway

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Tourists Attractions At Ko Samui Island



There are so many popular places of tourist attractions at Ko Samui that every visitor will easily find a place of interest for himself. To help you find out the more , listed below are some of the best tourist attractions at Ko Samui Island along with the things of interest which you can do at various places of Koh Samui tourist attractions are listed below. Let us take a look:


The Big Buddha

It is one of the most popular places of attractions for tourists at Ko Samui. The statue of Big Buddha is a fifteen meters tall which was built by the local society in 1972 to provide tourists a place to pay respect to The Lord Buddha. This monumental landmark which has turned into popular tourist attractions at Ko Samui is situated on the northern shore of the Ko Samui Island.


Namuang Waterfall

This is among the popular attraction for tourists at Ko Samui. It is situated at a distance of 10 km in the southward direction from Nathon at Ban Thurian. Tourists can enjoy two beautiful waterfalls as these presents the most scenic view on the island.

Na Muang one waterfall is around 18 meter in height and can be reached by vehicle. On the other hand second Na Muang waterfall is about 80 meters high and it can be reached by a 30 minute walk.


Hin Ta - Hin Yai

The popular tourist attractions at Ko Samui Island is a strangely shaped rocks situated at the place known as south Lamai. According to a story prevailing among common people this rock has come up from the bodies of an old couple whose ship was wrecked in the bay. Their bodies were washed ashore to create the rocks.


Ancient House

Ancient house is an amazing Koh Samui tourist attraction. This house has been built e of teakwood without using any nails. It is situated at a place known as. The house was one of the oldest houses on the Ko Sukoi Island which was built about 150 years back.


Magic Buddha Garden

There is a garden known as magic Buddha garden which is located in the Samui hills. Visitors can watch various statues, temples and waterfalls which has been created by a single person over a time period of twenty years.


Sawadee Shrine

The major attractions for tourists at Ko Samui are palace where an image of Brahma of Sawadee stands for reverence and faith. More and more tourists are visiting this place because they have faith in His greatness extending out kindness and mercifulness and thus creating happiness and peacefulness to to those coming to pay Him respect.


Apart from the above listed places of tourist attractions at Ko Samui, there are so many other activities which you can do at Ko Samui Island, such as sight seeing, fishing, scuba diving, and Thai boxing etc

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