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Hotels in Oslo Norway

Hotels in Oslo Norway. If you are looking for a great Hotel in Oslo Norway, we have come across Good Travel News.

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interested to live in lap of luxury or in the comparatively but with comfortable accommodation, it will be a best choice to select the Luxury hotels from Malaysia

There are more fabulous luxury hotels with high quality hotels in the world. In Malaysia you have an outstanding amenities and special type of Luxury hotels at cheap rates. Some of the Kuala Lumpur Luxury Hotels are most popular Hotels in the Worldwide. If you are

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Ko Samui Climate


If you are planning to visit Ko Samui, then this article is a must read for you. It provides detailed information about Ko Samui climate. It is important to know in details about the weather and climate at Ko Samui Island will help you plan your holydays in better way because you would have an idea which is the best time to enjoy your vacations at Ko Samui Island.


The climate at Ko Samui, which is in the Surat Thani Province of Thailand, is mostly warm and tropical around the year, however with a short rainy season. There is a much difference between the Koh Samui climate and that of Phuket and other areas of Southern Thailand. The southern areas have a rainy season for time period nearly half of the year, starting from the month of May to November, however, on the other hand, the Ko Samui's climate is relatively dry for the major time of the year, with the rainy season which is mainly restricted to the month of November. For the rest of months, the Koh Samui climate is tropical. This is one of the main reasons behind tiny rain showers. It is interesting to know that when it does rain in Koh Samui, it generally doesn’t last long and typically there are rain showers which last around 20–60 minutes only.


Ko Samui climate is termed as a tropical monsoon type of climate which means high level of humidity and average temperatures of around 28 degrees Celsius. The weather at Ko Samui Island is generally good around the year and you will rarely feel cold in Koh Samui climate.


Broadly speaking, the climate at Ko Samui Island can be divided into three main seasons, the dry season, hot season and the rainy season.


The Ko Samui climate witnesses dry Season through the months of December to February. Many people find it best time to visit ko Samui Island because the temperature is slightly cooler temperatures with little rain and calm seas. It is also the peak season for hotels because mostly all are booked during this season. The temperature is maximum and it is a hot climate at Ko Samui Island between the months od March and April. It is considered as the nest time to visit by those who can don’t feel much heat in the 30 degree plus temperatures. With Climate at Ko Samui being rainy during the months of October to November, it witnesses heaviest rainfalls, although even now it doesn’t fall everyday and often only in short bursts. It can be a great time for the beach holiday because there will be lower hotel rates, still it is not considered as the best time to try diving, as visibility is reduced by around thirty percent.

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