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Hotels in Oslo Norway

Hotels in Oslo Norway. If you are looking for a great Hotel in Oslo Norway, we have come across Good Travel News.

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Geography Of Ko Samui Island



The geography of Ko Samui is such that it is an island situated off the eastern coastline of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand. It is also geographically located closed to the mainland town of Surat Thani. Ko Samui geography location falls into the island of Samui which is a part of Surat Thani Province, also popularly known as Koh Samui.


If the geographical area is considered then, Ko Samui is the third largest island of the mainland Thailand having an area of 228.7 square kilometers. The population of the island was over 50,000 in the year of 2008. Apart from beautiful geography of Koh Samui Island, it is also rich in natural minerals and other resources such as white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees.


Coming back to the geography of Ko Samui, it is situated in the Gulf of Thailand at about 9°N, 100°E, location which is around thirty five kilo meters away in northeast direction of of Surat Thani town. The measurement of the island of Ko Samui comes out to be around twenty one kilometers at its narrowest point, and twenty five kilometers at its longest. It is bounded by around sixty other islands, which comprises of Ang Thong Marine National Park and also other favorite tourist destinations such as Ko Phangan, Ko Tao and Ko Nang Yuan to name a few.


Exploring further the geography of Ko Samui to next level, it is more or less circular in shape having a diameter of around 15 km. The central part of the Ko Samui is not considered suitable to live in as it is a mountain jungle.


Ko Samui geography is such that there are several lowland areas which are connected to each other by means of single 51 km road, running mostly along the coast to surround the majority of the island. The geography of Ko Samui includes a rocky center with various low-lying areas connected by one road. This road runs along the circumference of the island, making navigation from one part of the island to the other easier.


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