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Hotels in Oslo Norway

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Administration In Ko Samui Island


Administration in Ko Samui before 2008, used to be under an Amphoe, which means a district of Surat Thani Province of Thailand. However, in June 2008, the island of Koh Samui was given municipal status officially and thus it became an independent city with its own Koh Samui administration.


Since, the island of Ko Samui is further divided into sub-districts; the administration of Island of Ko Samui looks after all these seven sud-districts which are called as tambon in Ko Samui Island. The entire administration in Ko Samui Island is actually a municipality, called as ‘thesaban mueang’. Thus the administration in Ko Samui covers the island, as well as the Ang Thong archipelago and some other small islands nearby which are:


Lipa Noi

Bo Phut

Ang Thong

Ang Thong

Mae Nam

Na Mueang


Taling Ngam


Like any other tourist islands, the administration of Island of Ko Samui is also facing infrastructure related issues and new Koh Samui administration is trying hard to figure out the best solutions to maintain the balance between development and nature at the Ko Samui Island.  


The increasing flow of tourists has put a lot of pressure on the natural resources of this tropical island of Ko Samui and administration in Ko Samui Island is aware of this. Many projects have been initiated by administration in Ko Samui to ensure that the island gets developed in a planned way, maintaining its natural balance.

The Samui Municipality, administration of Island of Ko Samui is working hard to get greater autonomy of the island so that it gets better control over its projects and budgets. This will help in speeding up the development projects in the island of Ko Samui. The main projects undertaken by the administration in Ko Samui includes creating roads waste management along with the overall development of the Ko Samui development.  Administration in Ko Samui Island is really keen to make this island a better place to live and develop it into a tourist destination having world class facilities. 


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