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Hotels in Oslo Norway

Hotels in Oslo Norway. If you are looking for a great Hotel in Oslo Norway, we have come across Good Travel News.

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interested to live in lap of luxury or in the comparatively but with comfortable accommodation, it will be a best choice to select the Luxury hotels from Malaysia

There are more fabulous luxury hotels with high quality hotels in the world. In Malaysia you have an outstanding amenities and special type of Luxury hotels at cheap rates. Some of the Kuala Lumpur Luxury Hotels are most popular Hotels in the Worldwide. If you are

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History Of Ko Samui Island



The history of Ko Samui Samui showed that it was discovered many hundred years ago. It was basically considered to be a safe place for fishermen and people traveling through sea route to take shelter from storms.


During the early Ko Samui history, the habitants of Ko Samui were people from China and Maldives. Many believe that the name of the island has been originated from the word ‘Saboey’, which represents safe haven in Chinese language. If we refer the Maps of this island, they date back the history of Ko Samui Island to the seventeenth century, however but there is very little documented history of the ko Samui because of the reason that most of facts were passed on to next generations by word of mouth only.


In the Koh Samui island history until the late 20th century; there lived an isolated but independent community. There were by no means any connections with the mainland, Thailand. The basic infrastructure was also missing and the island did not have roads until few decades back. However, the things are changing now at a very fast pace. In the last few years, the Island of Ko Samui have progressed a lot which has also brought biggest changes in the entire history of Ko Samui Island.  There are world class hotels and resorts to stay which boast of best facilities and services. The island also has its airport with regular flights to Bangkok and other major cities of Southeast Asia like such as Hong Kong and Singapore along with international chain stores and all kind of modern means of connectivity with the outer world wireless broadband Internet services.


Despite all these changes in the Ko Samui history, the island of Koh Samui has been successful in retaining its charm of being an unspoiled island which is clearly visible through the southern part of the island. It is a great place to visit which will offer you solace from the hustle-bustle and stress of the modern world.

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