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Hotels in Oslo Norway

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Local Culture Of Ko Samui Island 



Ko Samui is a beautiful archipelago of small islands which are known for azure blue water and white sand beaches. We are going to take a look at details describing the culture of Ko Samui briefly.


Local culture of Ko Samui is a mixed culture which has Buddhist as well as Islamic influences on it. Despite the fact that the island of Ko Samui lies in the southern part of the Thailand, which is having a strong influence, the original population of the island is of Buddhists people, called as 'Chao Samui'. In the past, the local culture of Ko Samui Island mainly revolved around local people earning their livelihood through agricultural activities and coconut farming being as the main business. The things have changed now with the island emerging as a major tourist destination.


Nowadays, the tourist industry has a big influence on the Koh Samui’s local culture as majority of people work in tourism related jobs. Local people have earned big by selling off the lands for making resorts and hotels at really high prices. The local administration is also running so many projects to develop the island. As a result of this, Thai-Chinese people have come to Samui from the capital of Bangkok in search of new avenues for work or business to make money. There is lot of demand for laborers as so many projects are going on in the island. The labor work is mostly done by the native of the country’s north-eastern region which has a considerably weak economy.


The result of this economic gap causes a wide cross section of economic classes which is evident in the culture of Ko Samui. The southern part of the mainland Thailand is called as the melting pot of Buddhists, Thai Chinese, Muslims and traditional sea-faring gypsies. At present, the island of Ko Samui does not seem to suffer from any of the religious tensions among various communities and ususlly the local population lives in harmony.


The local culture of Ko Samui in terms of food habits is known for its spiciness. The local cuisine has been greatly influenced by Malay, Indonesian and Indian food. One of the most popular dishes is a curry known as massaman in local culture of Ko Samui Island, which is much like as Indian-style Muslim curry and rice noodles in fish curry sauce.


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